Speciality from volcanic Soil of Rwanda
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About Us

Our profile

West Hills Coffee is a privately held company operating in Rwanda. We are base in Western province. We aim at positioning Rwanda as a specialty coffee producer. We offer green coffee beans of burbon coffee well sorted and fully washed.


To produce high quality coffee and source more coffee crops from different growers in higher altitude of Kivu zone. ( Western Province of Rwanda).
To market Rwandan coffee and export our product internationally.

Our objectives

Our overarching objective is to work with coffee buyers who are interested in ordering the highest quality coffee in the world, directly sourced from coffee growers.

Our work

We focus on following up the coffee processing activities from plantation to the cupping cup.
Steps are following:
1) Good plantation at high altitude soil
2) Hand picking of red cherries.
3) Sorting and socking cherries at the washing station
4) Pulping
5) Ensure that the fermentation is done according to the international standard.
6) washing coffee using clean water source from spring.
7) Drying under shed and carry on sorting.
8) Drying at full sun and ensure that percentage of water is around 12.
9) Dry milling using professional machines.
10) Thorough sorting.
11) Cupping coffee to ensure the quality of our green coffee is sent to our buyers.

How do we assist our clients?

We are involved in a series of agricultural and business activities such as:
  1. Preparation and sending coffee samples to our clients
  2. Monitoring dry milling process
  3. Assisting our clients in getting Exportation Documents in government institution such as MINAGRI (MInistry of Agriculture) and NAEB (National Agricultural Export Development Board)
  4. Monitoring, packaging and sending packets to shipping companies
  5. We have an exclusive licence for coffee exportation